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Summer Subscription FAQ  

What is a flower subscription?

We harvest the flowers and greenery that are at their peak in our gardens, cool them to ensure they are in their best condition, and create beautiful and unique bouquets or loose stems buckets that we deliver to your doorstep. 

How often are the deliveries?

On average, the 3 summer delivery subscription occurs about once per month, the 6 summer delivery subscription every other week, and the 9 summer delivery subscription every week (with one or two breaks over the summer). The deluxe subscriptions add 2 more deliveries in late May / June and 3 in September / October.

Can I choose what flowers I will receive?

The subscription bouquets and buckets are priced as "farmer's choice" products - in other words we choose the best and most beautiful combinations available that week. If you have sensitivities to certain flowers, have concerns about pets, or want specific flowers or colours, we also offer custom bouquets that you can order individually throughout the growing season instead of a subscription.

When are the deliveries?

We deliver our Regina subscriptions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. We deliver to surrounding communities in the morning. We organize our deliveries by neighbourhood in order to reduce our driving distances, so you may be placed on either of those days. We will send an email in May with the proposed delivery dates for you to review.

What if I won't be home for a delivery?

If you will be out of town for a delivery date, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  Alternatively, you can give the bouquet to a friend that week! If you are in town but not at home at the time of delivery, we will leave the bouquet in water on your front step to be waiting for you when you get home!

Can I get a subscription delivered to my condo or office?

Absolutely! We will deliver to the foyer and have you meet us there.

What if I forget about a delivery?

We will help you remember by sending a text message reminder the day before each delivery!

Do you deliver outside of Regina?

Yes - we also deliver to Pilot Butte, White City, Emerald Park and Balgonie.

I want to buy a subscription as a gift - how does that work?

You provide us with the recipient's name, email, cell number and address. We will email you a gift announcement for you to forward to the recipient. We require that you contact the recipient directly to let them know about the gift before we contact them in May to set up the summer delivery dates. 

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