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 "I was so delighted with my [cut flower garden set]. Sharing bountiful bouquets with loved ones was pure joy all-around! AND a hummingbird visited my garden last year, in addition to so many drunken bees, and other insects. Every day was a sensory feast back there, with the wafts of fragrances, the shapes, and colours, and those puffy soft soft lil bunny tail grasses. Oh! Can't wait!"

Amber K, Regina

Grow your own cut flower garden!

We are thrilled to offer local gardeners a chance to grow a curated selection of the unique cut flower varieties that we grow at Lark Farm.

The Lark Farm Cut Flower Garden Set contains 35 annual plants, including a mix of stunning focal and filler flowers, greens and grains. This mix should provide you stems to cut beautiful bouquets all summer long!  

We start all of your Cut Flower Garden Set plants from seed in our natural soil blocks and tend them until they are ready for you to transplant into your own garden in May.


Varieties are carefully selected to be easy-to-grow, prolific producers that will provide you with abundant cuts throughout the season. All will be special cut flower varieties that we grow on our farm. The final mix will be determined based on the growth of our seedlings and will include an assortment of different varieties such as the following:

  • Zinnia

  • Snapdragon

  • Pincushion flower

  • Cosmos

  • China Aster

  • Rudbeckia

  • Strawflower

  • Gomphrena

  • Statice

  • Amaranth

  • Bells of Ireland

  • Beebalm

  • Coreopsis

  • Mahogany Hibiscus

  • Decorative grasses

The Cut Flower Garden Set will fill an area of approximately 3'x 9' or a 27' row. Plants require full sun (at least 8 hours per day) and will range in height from 18"- 36" or taller. Most of the plants are best suited for planting in a garden bed as they are quite tall for pots. Your plants will be ready for delivery in mid to late May. Planting and harvesting instructions will be provided. 

We will have a limited number of Cut Flower Garden Sets available this spring. Order now to reserve your set and enjoy beautiful cut flowers all summer long!  

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