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feeding the bees
compost production
feverfew seedlings in soil blocks
promise of sweet peas
drip irrigation
sweet peas & buckwheat cover crop
daffodils and tulips
native three-flowered avens
native buffalo bean
native pale comandra
our water source
bucket of dahlias

How We Grow

Our farming practices are bee and bird friendly!  


We are committed to using sustainable practices from seed to vase.  Our flowers are grown in the field, using natural methods and soil amendments, such as compost made on the farm.  We don't use any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.  We focus instead on building healthy soils, crop rotations, companion planting, and careful practices to grow quality products.  

We start most of our annual seeds indoors so they are ready for transplanting in May.  When it doesn't rain, we use water from our dugout and drip irrigation - the most efficient way to water the plants.  We strive to reduce waste at every step in the process, from growing seedlings in soil blocks rather than plastic pots, to wrapping bouquets with kraft paper and natural twine. 

Outside of our gardens, we maintain acres of natural bush and many native prairie plants that provide valuable habitat for local wildlife and pollinators.

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