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One-of-a-Kind Wreaths  

Handmade dried wreath 

Built on a base of hand-woven natural willow and dogwood harvested from our farm, these one-of-a-kind wreaths feature a wide variety of flowers, seedpods, foliage and grains all grown in our gardens and then harvested, bunched and hung to dry naturally.  Carefully hand-crafted with hemp twine and jute, they are 100% compostable. As with all dried products, we recommend that the wreaths be displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight. Sizes given are the largest outside dimensions.


Neutrals - 16" - SOLD - Donated to Catherine's Cause 6th Annual Regina NICU Online Auction! This subtle wreath includes strawflower, echinops, mountain mint, monarda, ammobium, gomphrena, statice and dusty miller.

Sweet I

Sweet I - 8" SOLD This darling wreath includes mountain mint, celosia, statice, strawflower, gomphrena, and ammobium.

Sweet II

Sweet II - 9" - SOLD This delicate and petite beauty is made with mountain mint, bunny tail grass, oregano, vernica, ammobium, gomphrena, and statice.


Wild - SOLD This free flowing piece is made with​ celosia, echinops, rudbeckia, statice, oregano, daucus, lamb's ear, cress, gaillardia, veronica, sea holly, dusty miller, and grasses.

abundance tall

Abundance - 18" -  SOLD This vibrant wreath evokes the abundance of a late summer garden with dahlia, strawflower,​ celosia, veronica, statice, feverfew, astrantia, rudbeckia, dusty miller, and frosted explosion grass.


Moody - 18" - SOLD This piece includes two varieties of​ dahlia, echinops, monarda, yarrow, oregano, gomphrena, sea holly, statice, dusty miller and grasses.

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