One-of-a-Kind Wreaths  

peony garden

Peony Garden - 14" -  SOLD This vibrant wreath evokes a summer garden with peony blossoms,​ paper daisy, lady's mantle, nigella, gomphrena, lambs ear, celosia, amaranth, statice and bunny tail grass.


Diversion - 15"- SOLD through Catherine's Cause NICU Online Auction This piece is bursting with variety -​ dahlia, echinops, monarda, astrantia, lamb's ear, nigella, yarrow, lady's mantle, kirigami oregano, eryngium, baptisia, delphinium pods, sunflower heads, gaillardia, amaranth, statice, strawflower, eucalyptus, dusty miller and grasses.

drama queen

Drama Queen - 27" -  SOLD This large and dramatic piece is made with​ loads of specialty ingredients including cardoon, hydrangea, peony, sunflower, baptisia, eucalyptus, yarrow, monarda, daucus, amaranth, celosia and teff grass.


Winter - 15" - SOLD This simple and neutral piece is made with​ strawflower, echinops, sea holly, statice, dusty miller, and pine cones.


Merry - 16" - SOLD This subtly festive wreath is made with​ strawflower, echinops, nigella, baptisia, mountain mint, and dusty miller.


Glow - 15" -  SOLD This striking piece is made with​ golden strawflower, echinops, kirigami oregano, beebalm, globe amaranth, statice, dusty miller, and pine cones.


Gems - 15" - SOLD This wintry beauty is made with​ peony, globe amaranth, oregano, lady's mantle, nigella, ammobium, and pine cones sprinkled in a base of dusty miller.


Cheer - 21" -  SOLD This neutral beauty is made with​ strawflower, echinops, beebalm, globe amaranth, oregano, eucalyptus, sea holly, ammobium, dusty miller, and pine cones.


Festive - 18" - SOLD This wintry wreath will add some holiday cheer to your home! It is festooned with gomphrena, strawflower, nigella, ammobium, statice, lamb's ear and pine cones in a bed of dusty miller.


Moody - 16"-  SOLD This cool-toned piece includes​ lisianthus, echinops, monarda, oregano, lamb's ear, nigella, yarrow, ammi, daucus, eryngium, mountain mint, dusty miller and grasses.


Gumdrop - 13"w x 15"l - SOLD This unique teardrop wreath is stuffed with​ peony blossoms, strawflower, lady's mantle, astrantia, nigella, eryngium, amaranth, gomphrena, bunny tail grass and dusty miller.


Luxe - 21" -  SOLD This lush, neutral beauty is packed with specialty ingredients - cardoon, hydrangea, peony, sunflower, baptisia, delphinium, ninebark, mountain mint, yarrow, monarda, ammi, oregano, gomphrena, ammobium, starflower, pine cones and teff grass.


Winterscape - 15" -  SOLD This soft and neutral piece is speckled with zinnia, nigella, ammi, statice, eryngium, gomphrena, oregano, yarrow, mountain mint, frosted explosion grass and dusty miller.

Handmade dried wreath 

Built on a base of hand-woven natural willow harvested from our farm, these one-of-a-kind wreaths feature a wide variety of flowers, seedpods, foliage and grains all grown in our gardens and then harvested, bunched and hung to dry naturally.  Carefully hand-crafted with hemp twine and jute, they are 100% compostable. As with all dried products, we recommend that the wreaths be displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight. 


Sizes given are the largest outside dimensions.  Please note that at this time our wreaths are only available for delivery in the Regina area.